Lizzy & Andy

I know it’s been a warm winter here in Asheville- remember back when we used to get snow? (You know, like, 10 months ago?) There’s still something about February, warm or not, that feels like the depths of the winter blues. I am here to provide you with the pick-me-up you need, folks, and their names are Lizzy and Andy. This happy couple tied the knot back in August, when the world was green and the sun still made it to the middle of the sky. Lizzy and Andy planned a wedding with vintage flair that clearly reflected their personal style.


A gorgeous day in Lake Eden.

A muted color palette allows the incredible mixture of textures to take center stage in these arrangements of stock, ranunculus, lisianthus, succulents, and more. Stock has a beautiful fragrance- I bet it smelled like summer!

For the reception, we mixed vintage vases and bottles for one of a kind table-scapes.

We wish Lizzy and Andy the best of luck on their new adventure!

We were so lucky to have met this wonderful couple! If you like what you see, please leave some love for our friends at Shay Brown Events, who planned this affair, and Parker J Pfister, the photographer.

On a related note, Blossoms would like to thank Parker J for sharing these images and make sure our lovely readers know about his gallery opening on Friday, February 17th:

Check out Parker J Pfister’s facebook page for more information.

Check out Blossoms’ facebook page for Valentine’s Day updates! Only 6 days away!

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