What a Rush!

Phew! It feels like it took a whole week to recover from last weekend’s rush! We designed, delivered, or set up 4 different lovely weddings, custom made each and every special vase for the mommas out there, and even got an unexpected run on prom corsages and bouts! We really have a great crew at Blossoms and when we get together in one place there is nothing but laughs, dance music, and good vibes- even if we’re exhausted! We wish we had more to show you from our jam-packed weekend, but we only managed to snap a few photos of whichever arrangement was closest to the door in our cooler- good grief was it ever full.

Someone very thoughtful picked out this beautiful keepsake vase for their mom,

and we filled it with a fragrant mix of hyacinth, lilac, and buttery yellow stock.

We loved this sweet, low arrangement with a wild, springy mix!

And one lucky mama got this gorgeous purple design!

Why is it so dark in our shop, you might ask? Because we were still working at 10pm! We did take a moment to relax before heading out with a small glass of wine and some nachos & guacamole from our favorite neighborhood restaurant. Then we came back in at 8 the next morning to begin deliveries! Then we slept for 2 days straight! We couldn’t have this much fun without our fantastic customers and clients- you guys are the best and we love you. Thank you for trusting us with your Mother’s Day flowers and we look forward to making something new and exciting for you next year!

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