Carson’s Bat Mitzvah: Behind the Scenes

IMG_2009-6We have another amazing installation to share this week! We worked with Carson and her family to design a fun, travel-themed bat mitzvah. We wanted something show-stopping for the main atrium of the Asheville Country Club, so we pulled out some extra help (and all the stops) to hang this huge installation of paper airplanes. We called in boyfriends, husbands, dads, and friends to help fold the planes (800 in all!) and then to hang them on site over the course of a few frantic hours. Check our hardworking boys out!IMG_1990-1IMG_1992-2IMG_1999-3IMG_2001-4IMG_2007-5IMG_2012-8 IMG_2008-7The final product was mesmerizing. Caitie, Julia, Carly, and Adrienne had to take a break from setting up everything else to bask in it. Thanks for all the extra help, friends! And thanks to Bob Lewis for providing some of these great phone pics!

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